Mission Trip 2008 a Success!

The first medical mission trip on June 23 - 28, 2008, was invited by and coordinated with The Clyde E. Bay Foundation of Yeguarizo, Acahay.  With the additional cooperation of the Centro Medico Bautista of Asunción and the use of their surgical suite, doctors and staff, we were able to sponsor hernia surgeries on eleven patients. The seven adults and four children were all from Acahay.  All of the procedures went well, there were no complications and all of the patients are now recuperating well.

Much of the first day was spent meeting with hospital representatives to finalize logistical operations.  In the morning, we met the first two patients.  They were admitted the night before and were prepared for surgery in the morning.  Both of the patients were in good spirits and expressed gratitude for what Fundación Panambi was doing for them.  We also met with Celmira Bay who was an instrumental part of our success in this trip due to her knowledge of the inner workings of the local health care system.  This also allowed us to establish a solid relationship with this organization to assist us in future mission trips to Paraguay.

With one exception, each of the following five days saw two surgeries in the morning followed by the admission of two new patients for surgery the following day.  On Saturday, June 28, 2008, there was only one operation performed. The doctors and hospital staff were all talented and professional practitioners.   We and the patients were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such exemplary health care professionals.

The success of this trip was made possible by all of Fundación Panambi, Southeast Chapter’s, members and friends and their generous donations of time and funding.  We also could not have accomplished our mission goals without the help and support of the Clyde E. Bay Foundation and the Centro Medico Bautista.  Dr Gabriel Rodriguez, Dr. Osvaldo Ojeda and Dr. Abel Panotto graciously donated their time to this effort.  Medical Assistance Programs (MAP) International, Ethicon, West Boca Medical Center, Outpatient Surgical Services and Digna de Sotelo of Equimédica made generous donations of surgical supplies, hernia mesh, sutures and intravenous fluids.  Donations of food for the Clyde E. Bay Foundation’s clinic were made by Mr. Peralta of Central de Abasto Alto Parana S.A.  We also received generous support from the staff of the Paraguayan National Customs Office in Miami, Florida and TAM Airlines.


View a photo gallery of the trip here.