VOSH/International Mission Trip 2011

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VOSH/International (Volunteer Optometrics Services to Humanity) made a visit to Paraguay for the purpose of performing eye examinations and distributing eyeglasses. Representatives from Fundación Panambi, Inc. were present to assist in the effort. Ms. Celmira Bay of the Clyde E. Bay Foundation sponsored the VOSH/International group's mission to Yeguarizo, Acahay.

On Febnruary 17, 2011, ten VOSH optometrists arrived in Asunción and travelled, later that day, to Yeguarizo, Acahay. Felisa De Kler and Oliva “Micha” Riva, volunteers of Fundación Panambi, Inc., joined the mission. During the 5-day mission, February 18-22, 2011, Felisa performed visual acuity examinations while Micha maintained order and organization with the incoming patients. The ability of Felisa and Micha to speak to the patients in their native tongues of Guaraní and Spanish helped to put the patients at ease.

Following the visual acuity examination, patients had their pupils dilates by the instillation of eye drops. This was done so that Dr. Charles Covington could examine their auto-refraction so that an eyeglass prescription could be determined. Later, Dr. John Spencer triaged the patients for further cataract work-up by ophthalmologists from VOSH/International, Fundación Visión and Hospital Bautista. Based on Dr. Spencer's work-ups, twenty-three patients had cataract surgery that week by Fundación Visión.

Finally, patients received their eyglass prescriptions and selected eyeglasses from the dispenser room. Mr. Stanley Sagara adjusted their eyeglasses and the patient left with smiles on their faces!

The people of Paraguay are thankful to Clyde E. Bay Foundation, VOSH/Intenational, Fundación Visión, Hospital Bautista, Fundación Panambi and to all the volunteers for their efforts in providing the gift of better sight to 2,500 individuals ranging from 5 months old to 105 years old.

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